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Added Kimberly Ambrose’s book Paul Among Jews: Rehabilitating Paul and J. Brian Tucker’s book Reading 1 Corinthians to the Bibliography of the Paul Within Judaism section.

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  1. Bill Diehl says:

    Paul was defending his gospel against the errors of the Ebionite Gnostic Jewish converts to Christianity, not against first century Judaism. The Ebionites denied the vicarious atonement of Jesus and His divinity. They affirmed the messiahship of Christ but taught that Christians are saved by copying the life of Christ’s perfect obedience to the Law as our Example rather than our Substitute. They denied that the death of Christ was a vicarious atonement for sin and that Christ was eternal God manifested in the flesh.

    Paul was not confronting Jews of his day as Wright and Dunn suppose. This is where they go wrong from the start.
    Bill Diehl, editor
    Present Truth Magazine
    Fallbrook, CA.

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